Community Outreach programs are key to sensitize people on food safety and the roles they play in the food value chains in enhancing food safety, KAFSAP will endevour to develop on food safety education programmes to create awareness. Other targeted groups will be farmers, transporters, distributors, retailers, middlemen, small scale processors, consumers and hard to reach communities and households with the aim of reaching to many players in the food value chain. Designing outreach programs that address the needs of small, specialized audiences whose education needs have not previously been adequately addressed as well as assessing the impact of these programs will be key in achieving our goals. The efforts will be more effective by working closely with other partners such as the government regulatory boards, private sector, industries, civil society and consumer organizations.

Activities for the year 2021

  1. Outreach programme targeting farmers or markets
  2. Organizing a food safety awareness walk.
  3. COVID awareness and prevention in food handling


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